Accent XL:  Skin Tightening as an Important Adjunct to Cosmetic Enhancement

Sometimes skin tightening is overrated and sometimes it simply does not work. In the past I used infrared technologies but abandoned it due to short-lived results. I have instead relied on radiofrequency work with the Accent XL to achieve skin tightening with increasingly better results. With a new handpiece that I acquired last year I have been able to get deeper and more profound results in areas like sagging necks, arms, buttocks, and cellulite, obviously all within reason. I do not get a facelift result or a body contouring result but the sagging and wrinkling skin is helped by the Accent XL. My mother is shown here only 2/3 through the treatment sessions with a much better result in her overall wrinkling and sagging. Although skin tightening is not a miracle treatment, it can help in a non-invasive way to improve skin texture and tone.

Accent XL results of my mom’s arms

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