A Boutique Surgical Plastic Surgery Experience in Dallas, Texas

To me, your facial plastic surgery experience is as important as to me as your results. Why? For many reasons. First, safety. My nursing administrator, Dianne Bourque, who is a certified nurse of the operating room (CNOR) in addition to an RN, got a very difficult to attain certification by the Joint Commission, which accredits hospitals. I really am proud of this badge of honor. A question that I receive frequently is, “Do you have privileges at a hospital?” The answer is yes that I do. In fact, the hospital, Texas Health in Plano (formerly Presbyterian Hospital of Plano), is only less than a minute away from my surgical facility.

Lam Facial Plastics Staff

In addition, I perform only one surgical case a day. That further adds safety for a host of reasons.  First of all, there are no other patients near you so the risk of cross contamination that you can get from other patients is near zero.  Also, because you are not in a hospital, you reduce the risk of hospital-borne infections known as nosocomial like methicillin-resistant staph aureus and other deadlier bugs.  Second, think of a surgeon who has done 5 cases that day.  Do you think he is tired to operate on you?  I would say yes because I know I would be.  By limiting myself to a single, major surgical case a day (I perform minor procedures in the afternoon), I am able to be at the top of my game, which you deserve.  In addition, you are not starving.  Since you have to miss breakfast, I do not keep you hungry all day before your procedure.  You only have to miss one meal typically and oftentimes be home in time for lunch.  I have also hand selected my anesthesia providers so my board-certified anesthesiologists do not come from a group but are hand picked.  I only use two anesthesiologists, who are doctors and not nurses, to do my work for you.  I have picked them on the quality of their services that I consider second to none.

Besides safety, I believe that a positive experience for you is important to reduce anxiety, create a positive remembrance of your time, and also because you deserve a first-class experience from start to finish in all cases.  By building out my surgical facility from the ground up, I can control your experience all the way through.  I have also hand selected all of my operative staff.  Beth, who is my circulating nurse, is typically the first face that will greet you.  Her kind smile and compassionate demeanor has won more raves from my patients than any of my other incredible staff (and they are all incredible!).  Her ability to start an intravenous (IV) line painlessly is also one of her admirable traits.  By not having any patients next to you when you enter and when you recover, I believe your experience is truly the best that it can be in terms of privacy and comfort.  I think once you have gone through any surgical experience at Lam Facial Plastics that it will be difficult to go elsewhere.

Samuel M. Lam, MD, FACS is a board certified facial plastic surgeon in Dallas, Texas. To learn more about Dr Lam’s plastic surgery procedures please call 972.312.8188 to schedule a consultation. If you would like to ask Dr Lam a question please visit our plastic surgery forum.