I love stories because in a story I am able to convey a lot and make it memorable for a person.  I remember a couple of stories that involved the Transport Security Authority (TSA) at the airport.  I had one lady in whom I had done many facial fillers to make her face look a lot more youthful.  She had passed through the TSA and was stopped because her driver’s license, as the agent reported, looked like her grandmother.  She was not allowed through.

Another time, a patient of mine was passing through the TSA with her best high-school friend and the agent remarked, “Are you guys mother and daughter?”  They were of course born within a year or two of each other.  The point of these stories is that we all make very quick, snap judgments about another individual and we do so based on a summary of physical attributes.  My goal is to make a face look bright, balanced, youthful, more feminine for women and more masculine for men, and in a word more attractive.

We have talked before about Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Blink, in which we make summary judgments about one another in a blink of an eye.  My goal is to make one’s blink effect significantly better.  Why? Because honestly nothing else matters as much.  If the small parts of one’s face look a tad bit better but he or she still looks tired, sad, or unattractive then I have done little to help that person look better.  However, if one receives a lot of compliments from others then I have improved one’s “blink” in a measurable way.

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