Threadlifts suck. Yup, threadlifts suck. I tried them 10 years ago and nothing has changed. The company that bought Silhouette purchased ancient technology and has since repackaged it. I have yet to see convincing before-and-after results to me. Most often any results come from a pooled resource of physicians with one decent result that was probably photographed a week after the procedure.

When I used to perform a facelift by simply opening up the skin and then lifting all of the deep tissues I saw that overtime my facelift result failed and they failed often very quickly. My facelift results have tremendously improved through the simple release of a few ligaments that keep the facelift from falling again. If you don’t release these ligaments, the facelift will simply not hold. Accordingly, how in the world can a few dissolvable threads placed under the skin work? The answer is that they can’t. They won’t. And it makes no sense. It is a waste for me to write anything further on this topic because simply put threadlifts don’t work.