The Caudal Septal Extension Graft Revisited

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This podcast is talking about safety and hair restoration surgery. We are too often focused on a beautiful result, but I would say that for me one of the big thing is safety and comfort. And those two topics are not often discussed. So the first thing let’s talk about what concept covers these two, really the idea that we operate probably one of the few places in the United States. If not, the only one in Texas that works in a fully accredited surgical facility where we perform hair restoration surgery. The benefit of this is that our patients are very comfortable and they are also very safe. Now, of course safety is a relative term. You have to choose the right patient you have also be able to handle emergencies if they should arise but 99.9% of surgeries are done outside of our office in another words and other locations in a regular office. So, one, is that they are not allowed to do anything more than just some local anesthesia, some injections, which is very uncomfortable. And the second of all is that there’s no real human dynamic monitoring or cardiovascular monitoring during the procedure. We have a joint commission accredited facility. You can Google with that means it’s a high standard out there in terms of accreditation. Very rigorous. In fact, we’ve gotten amazing reviews when the one of the reviewers have come through here. Fact there was a patient that recently had a procedure locally in Dallas at another place that had an issue with a cardiac event or heart issue and the doctor said, you know go to Dr. Lam he’s safe and he had to cancel the case. He came over here, of course he cleared. I’m not going to just operate on a patient without figuring out what’s going on. But if it clearly if you was not safe, I would not be operating on him. But the difference is that other doctor knew that we’re practicing safe hair surgery. So they he said go to see Dr. Lam. so that’s We have ER nurses that also I work with can handle emergencies with me. And so there’s so many things in terms of safety. Patients monitored for the procedure versus just being totally not monitored at all. We have emergency equipment, transfer protocols everything in case there’s a problem. In addition to that, we have all the medications that we need to counteract a problem. We also allow for the next portion of the discussion, which is comfort. The comfort is such a huge thing. You know, you will probably need another transplant in your lifetime, especially if you’re younger and most people tell me when they’ve been elsewhere that was such a miserable horrible experience. They would never do it again and a huge thing for us is that there really is very little to no discomfort because we’re able to provide a little bit of what’s called conscious to conscious sedation or level 2 conscious sedation. Where you are still able to talk to me, but you don’t feel the discomfort. It’s such a difference in terms of the way that that day feels. So I always say is instead of flying over to London is like flying over in North Carolina. It’s a shorter distance flight, I guess in case you’re if you’re a UK person listens this that’ll be a little different. I’m just about US flight domestic versus a long flight. Just doesn’t you don’t feel the weight of time. You don’t feel the anxiety. You don’t feel the needles you don’t feel the pain and that means the next time you have to do a procedure you’re not going to be so alarmed or worried. Example, I recently had a colonoscopy. They said okay, we’re going to start the next thing. I know I was in the recovery room thinking. Oh, I don’t feel anything back there what’s going on? I didn’t even know I was in a recovery area. Well, that’s the same type of experience you should have with us. When you can contrast that with what people experience elsewhere where it’s miserable all day long miserable. It leads to a psychological distress that you don’t want to repeat and those are the concepts of safety and comfort I want to discuss in this podcast.

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