Dr. Lam is an angel, he helped me in a situation that I thought less of myself because of my nose. I am a survivor of domestic abuse and my nose was broken by my abuser. No doctors in the UK wanted to touch my nose in fear that it would make it worse. When I arrive back to the US with my daughter I wanted to find out what it would cost to fix my nose so I could save up. Because I could not look in a large mirror on my face to put my makeup on as it would remind me of the pain and memory of my abuse. So I would use a small compact mirror to put my makeup on. When I visited doctor Lam’s office and explained what I was looking for, he gave me the best gift of all he did my surgery at no charge which I wasn’t expecting and I thank him for that with all my heart. After my surgery I could look in the mirror and I could breathe and I thank him for that I love myself I did before but I love myself a little bit more thank you and God bless.