High or Low Brows?:  What is Sexier for Men and for Women?

I am reading a book called Survival of the Prettiest by Nancy Etcoff in which she says studies have shown that a higher brow actually looks less attractive to subjects who viewed various individuals with different brow heights.  A low brow was considered sexier, more alluring, and more attractive.  We know that to be true in men like Tom Cruise who has a low brow but this may be surprising information when we talk about women who think that a high-arched brow is the way to go.  I am not arguing that a very low deflated brow is attractive because an individual who is experiencing some aging will naturally pull up on the deflated brow and say, “Don’t I look better?”  And the answer would be a qualified yes.  However, we need to compare apples and apples rather than apples and oranges.  A brow that looks sagging actually is just plain empty.  I have used the analogy of a balloon deflating to have someone understand why an older brow actually looks sagging but in fact is just empty.  That is why I no longer do browlift surgery, occasionally do eyelid surgery but almost always put some degree of volume whether with fat transfer or facial fillers into the brow area.  A lower, fuller brow is the answer to a more attractive brow contour and position for both men and for women.

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