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Mole Removal on the NoseMole (known medically as nevi) excisions or removals from the nose poses unique challenges that make mole removal from the nose distinctly different from the face. Unlike mole removal from the face where the skin is lax, the nose skin has variable degrees of tightness to the underlying cartilage that can present a problem to simple excision. The bottom third of the nose is not easily amenable to mole removal except the various smallest moles because the skin cannot be easily closed and there is a risk in particular of distortion along the nostrils. There is no underlying cartilage below the outer nostril and removal of a mole in this area may cause the nostril to notch if cartilage is not placed to limit this retraction. Mole removal becomes progressively easier going up the nose with moderate difficulty in the middle third of the nose and relative ease in the upper third of the nose where the skin is the loosest vis-à-vis the underlying cartilage. In addition, tissue can be slide down from the glabella (the region just between the eyebrows) as needed.

Mole Removal on the Nose Procedure

Bottom Nose Mole RemovalAlong those lines of borrowing tissue, when moles on the bottom of the nose pose to be a cosmetically unsightly problem worthy of excision, then skin must be rotated from the upper third of the nose downward using cancer reconstructive techniques. Dr. Lam has performed these larger types of flaps to remove moles on the bottom third of the nose in individuals whose moles are unsightly enough to justify incisions that span across most of the nose and that will take months to heal and forever will have fine lines if evaluated closely. The technique of mole removal on the nose also involves judicious undermining of skin in the correct plane known as the sub-SMAS plane below the muscle and above the periosteum of the nose to preserve blood supply and to ensure optimal healing. See Scar Revision for greater details. Dr. Lam is an expert at mole removals on the nose but must counsel you on the extent of the surgery depending on the above factors. A flat small pigmented mole, or nevus, on the tip of the nose may be better addressed through simply and targeted cautery (burning off), which Dr. Lam performs under careful loupe magnification understanding that there is a high likelihood of recurrence and possible need for re-cautery again. If the mole is small and flat, then this course of action may be preferred given the above limitations. Dr. Lam will counsel you on the type of mole removal that would be advisable or he may advise against it altogether based on your specific anatomy, type of mole, location, and size, along with many other factors.

Your Mole Removal on the Nose will be performed by Dr. Lam' surgery center located in Plano, TX.

I am so happy I finally made the decision to have my surgery. Dr. Lam gave me exactly what I wanted. I’m extremely happy with my results and it’s only been a little over a month . Dr. Lam and his staff are very professional and friendly. I made the right choice!
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Mole Removal on the Nose Photos
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