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Dr Samuel LamSamuel M. Lam MD FACS

Rhinoplasty Expert in Dallas, Texas

Dr. Sam Lam is double board-certified in both otolaryngology (ENT)-head & neck surgery and facial plastic surgery. Dr. Lam is also a fellow of the International Society of Rhinoplasty Surgeons. Dr. Lam specializes in the full gamut of cosmetic and functional rhinoplasty, helping individuals breathe better and look better. He has written and lectured extensively about his rhinoplasty technique for the past 20 years and is focused on both a natural shape of a nose as well as a nose that is functionally strong and that will age well over time. As he is both board-certified in ear, nose, and throat, as well as in facial plastic surgery, Dr. Lam is uniquely qualified to perform your surgery. Excellent nose surgery requires an expert who can meet the challenges of both natural cosmetic improvement and functional nasal preservation. He is recognized for performing a significant number of ethnic noses as well including African-American, Asian, Hispanic, and individuals who are born with thicker skin types, since this type of surgery requires experience not to overthin the underlying cartilages. As an artist who spends most of his free time painting portraits and landscapes, he is focused on ensuring that the nose will aesthetically match your facial shape, gender, and ethnicity. It is not one size fits all but instead a very meticulous design and plan that begins with the initial consultation with him. He performs advanced 3D imaging/morphing to enhance the communication between you and him, so as to ensure that both of you are clear in your intended goals from the outset. Many surgeons only perform occasional rhinoplasties, but Dr. Lam performs rhinoplasty all the time. He believes that to be an expert in nose surgery requires diligent and frequent performance of the art, years of extensive experience, and diligent attendance at major meetings to advance one’s knowledge and skill sets. Dr. Lam performs both primary rhinoplasty procedures as well as delicate and difficult revision rhinoplasty surgeries for patients from across the world. Dr. Lam keeps up with all of the major advances in rhinoplasty and believes that today’s rhinoplasty looks almost nothing like his technique 20 years ago when he started his practice. The single biggest advance in nose surgery, among many other breakthroughs, in controlling nasal-tip position is the caudal septal extension graft (CSEG). This method that he uses allows very predictable and finessed nasal-tip appearance that he simply could not achieve in the past. He has worked tirelessly to perfect this art. For ethnic noses that require a refined nasal bridge, the single, greatest breakthrough is diced cartilage with tissue glue to define a natural, predictable nasal bridge. There are so many methods that Dr. Lam uses to achieve excellent nose job outcomes that are not used by the majority of rhinoplasty surgeons who are not familiar or comfortable performing these superior techniques.

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