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middle-eastern-rhinoplastyThe term Middle Eastern is a very broad one that may be somewhat favorably descriptive but also may be a bit misleading as well. The Middle East includes many countries and cultures both Arabic and Jewish but typically in this sense excludes others in the Mediterranean basin that may not be representative like parts of North Africa, Europe, or Asia. Of course, today, there is a large blending of cultures as well so this identity may not be applicable in every case. Nevertheless, the term describes a certain appearance of a nose that shares similar features including a large dorsal prominence, convexity, or hump to the nasal bridge and broader nasal tip that may or may not be overprojected (protruding too far out) and even at times dependent (downturned). Due to the prominence of the nasal bridge, the nose may appear too large but also in certain respects narrower due to the excessive projection forward.

Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty Procedure

middle eastern nose surgeryThe key to Middle Eastern rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, is preservation of key features of the nose and not to overexaggerate the reduction to make it like a Northern European white nose. The biggest mistake in Asian noses is over elevating the nose bridge, and the biggest mistake in Middle Eastern noses is over reducing the nose bridge. Making a nose bridge too low and the tip too tiny can make the nose appear contextually unnatural when surrounded by facial features that are predominantly Middle Eastern in structure. There are certain individuals who have facial features that do not appear classically Middle Eastern and more Northern European who can support greater nasal reduction and all of these issues must be carefully considered when deciding how to make the nose fit the gender, ethnicity, and facial features. As far as gender is concerned, Middle Eastern men in particular should retain and even higher nasal bridge compared with women and a discussion must be had whether to retain any roundness to the nasal bridge or change the profile to be completely straight. There are many subtle factors that go beyond ethnicity and must be a product of personal desires in collaboration with Dr. Lam after careful physical exam, consultation, and 3D imaging to ensure that a mutual plan has been properly established and surgical goals clearly articulated before proceeding. As a prospective patient, please review the details of the technique section of this website (for both the nasal tip and the nasal bridge) that Dr. Lam will discuss with you that may be pertinent to how he approaches your surgery that may include elevation, reduction, and nasal reshaping.

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Your Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty will be performed by Dr. Lam' surgery center located in Plano, TX.

I found Dr. Lam office by accident. I called and made an appointment for consultation. His staffs are so nice and professional. The office is so beautiful and clean. I felt immediately this is the place where I needed to get my procedure done. From the day I made an appointment to the post-surgery, everything was going so smooth and pain free. Also, I can contact my nurse, Amanda F., via email if I have any questions and she always reply within 24 hours. I would recommend anyone who considers to have procedures done to look no further. This is the place for you to look pretty and get your every penny worth.
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