1. Rhinoplasty for the Nasal Tip: The nasal tip is oftentimes the most complex area of a nose to refine based on the given anatomic characteristics of the nasal tip along with how it relates to the nasal bridge and the sides of the nose. Dallas rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Sam Lam performs advanced surgical techniques to achieve not only aesthetically pleasing nasal tip rhinoplasty results but also functionally preserved rhinoplasty results that withstand airway impairment from overreduction of the nasal tip. He believes it is important to leave a nose stronger rather than weaker after a rhinoplasty procedure.
  2. Rhinoplasty for the Nasal Bridge: Rhinoplasty of the nasal bridge is usually part of a formal rhinoplasty that also corrects the nasal tip as well. The nasal bridge, also referred to as the nasal dorsum, is composed of both the nasal bones (above) and the upper lateral cartilages (below), and Dallas rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Sam Lam is experienced in correcting a host of problems of the nasal bridge including a dorsum that is deviated, too low, too high, or that suffers from other irregularities. A consultation with Dr. Lam will help determine what would be the best surgical intervention to help improve the aesthetic and possibly the functional issues of your nose.
  3. Functional Rhinoplasty: Functional rhinoplasty refers to the need to restore lost function to the nose, typically breathing in one or two nostrils. The procedure could simply involve a septoplasty but most likely incorporates other more advanced maneuvers to restore function, especially following prior rhinoplasty that may have left an individual not breathing as well, for example, spreader grafts, alar rim grafts, straightening the nose, etc. Dallas facial plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Lam, as a board-certified ENT physician in addition to being board certified in facial plastic surgery, is doubly qualified not only to preserve the function of your nose but also to restore lost function in your particular case.
  4. Injectable Rhinoplasty: Injectable rhinoplasty usually serves as an alternative to surgical rhinoplasty and has a better effect along the nasal dorsum to raise it or to cover a nasal hump than it is to make a significant impact in the nasal tip, which is more inelastic to change. Dallas rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Sam Lam performs both surgical and non-surgical rhinoplasty himself. He also uses liquid silicone to make minor permanent changes in patients who have already had a prior rhinoplasty but believes that silicone is not as effective to make major initial changes to the nose like hyaluronic acid in most cases.

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