Joint CommissionThe procedure that Dr. Lam performs is typically in his own surgical center located within his office space. His state-of-the-art surgical facility is accredited at the highest standard by the Joint Commission, which accredits hospital-based surgery centers. When seeking accreditation, he believed that he wanted to pass the toughest scrutiny out there and has received near flawless passing grades with every re-accreditation for his surgery center. The benefit of performing surgery at his surgery center is that he has controlled every element of the procedure for you. First, not only did he design his surgery center from the ground up but he also built the entire 40,000 square foot building of the Willow Bend Wellness Center for optimal privacy and safety. He uses only board-certified MD anesthesiologists to perform the anesthesia who in many cases have over 30 years of experience, and he has hand selected these individuals to perform his anesthesia. They are not part of a large group of doctors with whom he has not worked but instead are individual providers who have worked with him for many years already and in whom he is confident of their abilities. His nurses are the top in their field as well coming from emergency-room backgrounds able to handle any issues in the OR and who are both highly skilled and caring. Dr. Lam performing Nose SurgeryA nose surgery is performed under general anesthesia, as Dr. Lam believes this is the safest method to undergo rhinoplasty. With general anesthesia, there is no blood that goes into the airway and you are not moving during the delicate time of performing the procedure. This anesthesia technique also eliminates any pain during the procedure as well. The procedure typically lasts about 3 to 4 hours but could be slightly longer if it is a more difficult revision surgery. If it is simply a scar revision or mole removal from the nose, then Dr. Lam may perform a lower level of anesthesia. In Dr. Lam’s Joint Commission accredited surgical facility, he can perform all levels of anesthesia including oral sedation, intravenous conscious sedation, twilight anesthesia, and general anesthesia.     After your procedure is finished, our nurses will coordinate with your spouse, significant other, or friend to pick you up on a timely basis. There will still be a period of time for recovering you in the recovery room following your rhinoplasty that may take a few hours of time. Our nurses will clearly indicate when your companion should pick you based on when the recovery is complete. Of note, you will not be allowed to drive home or take an Uber, taxi, or other unaccompanied method of returning home. In addition, you will need someone to stay with you the first night. If you are from out of town and do not have someone staying with you, you will need to pay for a medical companion that we can help arrange for you. See the section on recovery for more details of the recovery process.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Different Types of Rhinoplasty Procedures?

In an open rhinoplasty or nose surgery, a small incision is made on the columella (the strip of skin between the nostrils), allowing for better visibility and access. In a closed rhinoplasty, incisions are made inside the nostrils, resulting in no visible external scarring. The choice between open and closed rhinoplasty depends on the specific goals of the surgery and the surgeon’s preference.

How Long Does a Rhinoplasty Procedure Take?

The duration of a nose job procedure varies, but it typically takes two to three hours. The complexity of the surgery, the techniques used, and whether it is a primary or revision rhinoplasty can impact the length of the procedure.

Is Rhinoplasty Painful?

Patients usually experience mild discomfort rather than significant pain after a nasal reshaping. Surgeons prescribe pain medications to manage any discomfort during the initial stages of recovery. Swelling and bruising are common but subside over time.

When Can I See the Final Results of Rhinoplasty?

While some results are visible immediately after the swelling subsides, the final results of cosmetic rhinoplasty may take several months to fully manifest. It is essential to be patient during the recovery process as the nose settles into its new shape. You can take a look at rhinoplasty before and after photos to get an idea of what you can expect after fully healing.

Can Rhinoplasty Improve Breathing?

Yes, functional rhinoplasty can address issues like breathing difficulties by correcting structural abnormalities within the nose, such as a deviated septum. This combination of aesthetic improvement and functional enhancement makes rhinoplasty a comprehensive solution for individuals seeking both cosmetic and practical benefits.

Are There Risks Associated with Rhinoplasty?

As with any surgical procedure, rhinoplasty carries some risks, including infection, bleeding, and adverse reactions to anesthesia. It is crucial to choose a skilled and experienced rhinoplasty surgeon to minimize these risks and ensure a safe and successful outcome.

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