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revision_nose_jobRevision rhinoplasty describes a rhinoplasty following a prior unsuccessful nose surgery. This procedure can be classified as secondary, tertiary, quaternary, etc., based on the number of prior attempts. Dr. Lam is a renowned provider of revision rhinoplasty in Dallas to help patients with both functional (breathing issues) and cosmetic problems from prior nose surgeries. The key to a successful revision nose job is establishing realistic expectations based on the structural and cosmetic damage from prior rhinoplasty as well as using modified techniques to achieve proper restoration and improvement.

Revision Rhinoplasty First Step

Revision RhinoplastyAt times, as mentioned, the problem is not only cosmetic in nature. Due to over reductive or over aggressive prior rhinoplasty, there may be structural collapse, pinching, or compromise to the nasal tissue. The older the rhinoplasty, oftentimes the more significant the damage to the nasal tissues based on outdated methods of aggressive surgical intervention. Determining what part of the nose is causing nasal airflow compromise is the first step. That can only truly be ascertained with a detailed in-person physical examination. Although photographs and submitted videos help, an in-person examination may be the final measure to determine true feasibility of correction. Understanding this limitation, if an out-of-town patient can only meet with Dr. Lam in person a day before the procedure, Dr. Lam can still make an initial determination based on submitted photos and videos along with a phone conversation. Final determination can be made a day before the procedure during the in-person evaluation.

What Functional Issues Can Revision Rhinoplasty Correct?

Rose Revision SurgerySome of the structural issues that may be involved in revision surgery include dynamic nasal wall collapse involving either the nostril and/or middle nasal vault. In this case, the nose may collapse inward either at the nostril level and/or higher in the middle section of the nose. The collapse of the nostril is known as external nasal valve collapse and requires structural grafting to prevent this type of collapse. The nostril may also be pinched inward and too small that requires re-expansion and widening. The collapse along the middle portion of the nose is known as internal nasal valve collapse. This condition is usually caused by over aggressive reduction of the nasal hump off a nose where the nasal bridge is collapsed downward and the outer cartilage (upper lateral cartilage) and the septum are fallen downward so that the angle is too narrow. A spreader graft to separate these two angles can be important to restore function. These two types of nasal compromise only represent some of the many reasons for nasal airflow obstruction. Dr. Lam will discuss with you the many reasons that may be causing your problems with breathing after carefully studying your nasal anatomy. He will also perform a nasal exam inside your nose using magnification and lighting.

What Cosmetic Issues Can Revision Rhinoplasty Correct?

Rhinoplasty Deformities RepairThe full gamut of cosmetic deformities following prior nose surgery is too complex and broad to be adequately covered in this section. Deformities of the nasal bridge include over reduction, under reduction, over augmentation, under augmentation, deviation, and other deformities. Nasal-tip issues include over pinched nasal tip, over reduced nasal tip, under reduced nasal tip, over rotated nasal tip, underrotated nasal tip, over projected nasal tip, under projected nasal tip, hanging columella, retracted columella, hanging ala, retracted ala, asymmetric nasal tip, etc. Given these complex issues, it is advised that you read over Dr. Lam’s techniques described in this website in preparation for your consultation. This way, you can better understand his plan to help correct your nasal deformity and to improve your nasal appearance and function.

How Much Does Revision Rhinoplasty Cost?

The price of your revision nose surgery will depend on the extent of your procedure. After assessing your nose, Dr. Lam will create a personalized treatment plan to best address your needs. The cost of your revision rhinoplasty will then be reviewed with you.

Schedule a Consultation for Revision Rhinoplasty in Dallas

If you are considering revision rhinoplasty, contact our office to schedule a consultation. Dr. Lam is an expert at this complex surgery and will make sure you have all of the information you need for a successful outcome.

Your Revision Rhinoplasty will be performed by Dr. Lam' surgery center located in Plano, TX.

After much research, I chose Dr. Lam for a revision rhinoplasty, as I had a rhinoplasty 7 years ago with less than desirable results-a cartilage graft had migrated to the tip of my nose, giving it a pointy appearance. I used to be very self-conscious of my nose and I would try all types of make-up tricks to hide the pointy tip, to no avail. Now, nearly a year out from my procedure, I can honestly say that I love my nose. It has both a natural and symmetrical appearance. Not only does it look better, but it also functions better. I used to have trouble breathing out of my left nostril, but he opened up the airway as part of the rhinoplasty. Overall, I am very pleased with the result and I highly recommend Dr. Lam to anyone considering a rhinoplasty.
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Revision Rhinoplasty Photos
Revision Rhinoplasty Photos
Revision Rhinoplasty Photos
Revision Rhinoplasty Photos
Revision Rhinoplasty Photos
Revision Rhinoplasty Photos
Revision Rhinoplasty Photos
Revision Rhinoplasty Photos
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