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It is very much in vogue today to try to avoid surgery through undergoing injectable treatments with fillers in the nose. Dr. Lam is a master at filler treatments for the entire face and also performs numerous injectable rhinoplasties as well. He does so using a specialized micro cannula with a blunt tip to minimize complications and to increase his ability to perform delicate adjustments with his injection. He believes that injectable rhinoplasty is a valuable way of enhancing the nasal appearance but has several drawbacks that he tries to articulate to his patients. First, injectable rhinoplasty is not that effective in changing the nasal-tip appearance because the overlying skin is very adherent to the underlying cartilage. It is, however, very good at raising the nasal bridge. Second, if you are seriously considering nose surgery, Dr. Lam prefers not to perform injectable rhinoplasty because with repeated injections it can compromise the safety of a surgical procedure due to changes in blood flow to the nose. Third, because fillers settle down, the repeated injections can additively exceed the initial cost of rhinoplasty. Fourth, injectable rhinoplasties can only modify the nose minimally when compared with nose surgery and does so only by making the nose larger to make the nose appear smaller through illusion and design. If you understand these limitations well, then Dr. Lam is happy to perform this procedure for you safely and effectively with a gentle hand and an astute artistic eye.

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