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Nose Reconstruction

Reconstructive rhinoplasty describes nose surgery used to correct lost soft tissue to the nose and may involve all three layers of the nose including possible mucosa (inner lining of the nose), cartilage and bone (structure), and overlying skin tissue. The most common reason for this type of nasal defect follows prior skin cancer excision or MOHs surgery in which part or all of the three layers are absent. Other reason for this kind of soft-tissue loss may follow traumatic injury, which is covered in the separate section of this website that describes traumatic nose injuries. Further, nasal scarring can occur on the skin that may require a scar revision, which is also covered in the accompanying section on nasal scar revision. Of note, Dr. Lam does not accept insurance for reconstructive rhinoplasty.

Reconstructive Rhinoplasty Procedure

The key to successful reconstructive rhinoplasty is to restore proper function by recreating all three layers of nasal tissue and also to hide the scars along what is known as nasal subunits. A nasal subunit describes areas of the nose that has natural curves and lines. By hiding incisions along these curves and lines, the viewer’s eye will have a harder time to determine that an incision was made. For example, the central nasal tip naturally has curves on both sides and the ala (nostrils) are also natural subunits. The central nasal bridge is a subunit and the two lateral sidewalls are subunits. By oftentimes removing larger amount of tissue and replacing it with tissue that follows these subunits, Dr. Lam can more carefully hide the presence of the reconstruction.

nasal subunits
three layers of nasal tissue

There are many advanced flaps that Dr. Lam performs to reconstruct defects and areas of the nose damaged from prior injury or cancer. He has performed sophisticated reconstruction involving loss of many layers of the nose using single session or multi-session surgeries to achieve the best results. The before-and-after section on reconstructive rhinoplasty is quite graphic in the repairs that Dr. Lam has performed, so you are cautioned before you visit that section.

Your Reconstructive Rhinoplasty will be performed by Dr. Lam' surgery center located in Plano, TX.

I had a septo-rhinoplasty procedure done by Dr. Lam back in May. Dr. Lam reduced the nasal hump, refined the tip, and straightened my septum. I am amazed at the results. As well, my breathing has noticeably improved. The recovery was surprisingly painless with minimal bruising and the swelling was greatly reduced in a few weeks. Additionally, Dr. Lam’s staff is absolutely amazing and were very helpful throughout the whole preparation process.
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Reconstructive Rhinoplasty Photos
Reconstructive Rhinoplasty Photos
Reconstructive Rhinoplasty Photos
Reconstructive Rhinoplasty Photos
Reconstructive Rhinoplasty Photos
Reconstructive Rhinoplasty Photos
Reconstructive Rhinoplasty Photos
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