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trauma rhinoplastyTraumatic noses can manifest in ways to impair both the breathing and the appearance. The nose may have various components of both problems needing repair and correction. From an appearance perspective, trauma may involve broken nasal bones, crushed nasal cartilages, a deviated septum, a deviated nasal tip, scarring on the nasal skin, and loss of soft tissue. Dr. Lam performs corrective surgery for all of these conditions. For issues with breathing, Dr. Lam may have to work on the nasal septum, the internal nasal valve (formed by the junction between the septum and the upper lateral cartilage), the external nasal valve (the nostril rim and its support), the turbinates, the nasal bones, etc.

Traumatic Nose Rhinoplasty Procedure

Traumatic Nose RhinoplastyMany times, traumatic noses are considered to have just broken bones or a deviated septum but, as mentioned above, the causes and manifestations of traumatic noses are actually far more complex and require a detailed physical examination to see what components are involved in your case. For example, what may appear to be simply a deviated nasal bone may actually involve a subluxed (slipped) upper lateral cartilage or a buckled cartilage avulsed (separated) from the nasal bones. Reconstruction would involve rebuilding and straightening the nasal cartilage in addition to straightening the nasal bones. What may initially appear to be just a deviated septum may actually involve complex valvular collapse. For example, if the septum is deviated high up near the junction with the nasal bridge, simply straightening the septum may not fix the problem but instead a spreader graft (a spacer graft) may need to be undertaken to bridge this pinched in valve.
Of note, Dr. Lam does not accept any insurance but if it is justified can help guide you in submitting a claim if you would like. Besides deviated or crushed tissues, noses can be traumatized by having areas of soft-tissue loss caused by injuries, dog bites, cancer, or other types of physical insults. Dr. Lam is skilled at reconstructing these types of soft-tissue losses through advanced use of nasal flaps for reconstruction that may involve need to reconstruct all three layers of loss including the internal nasal mucosa, the cartilage or bony framework, or the external skin envelope. The most common reason for these types of soft-tissue loss is cancer, which would not be considered technically traumatic in origin but the reconstruction for any kind of soft-tissue loss mirrors the way that Dr. Lam performs to correct the tissue damaged with cancer. He is skilled at performing a wide range of cancer reconstructions for soft-tissue loss. As described, traumatic noses are not a single, simplified category but very complex and treatment is individualized to your cosmetic and/or functional problem.
Crooked Nose Before Surgery Crooked Nose Before Surgery
Crooked Nose Immediately After Surgery Immediately After Surgery

Your Traumatic Nose Rhinoplasty will be performed by Dr. Lam' surgery center located in Plano, TX.

Dr. Lam is an angel, he helped me in a situation that I thought less of myself because of my nose. I am a survivor of domestic abuse and my nose was broken by my abuser. No doctors in the UK wanted to touch my nose in fear that it would make it worse. When I arrive back to the US with my daughter I wanted to find out what it would cost to fix my nose so I could save up. Because I could not look in a large mirror on my face to put my makeup on as it would remind me of the pain and memory of my abuse. So I would use a small compact mirror to put my makeup on. When I visited doctor Lam’s office and explained what I was looking for, he gave me the best gift of all he did my surgery at no charge which I wasn’t expecting and I thank him for that with all my heart. After my surgery I could look in the mirror and I could breathe and I thank him for that I love myself I did before but I love myself a little bit more thank you and God bless.
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Traumatic Nose Rhinoplasty Photos
Traumatic Nose Rhinoplasty Photos
Traumatic Nose Rhinoplasty Photos
Traumatic Nose Rhinoplasty Photos
Traumatic Nose Rhinoplasty Photos
Traumatic Nose Rhinoplasty Photos
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