Kenny Rogers and Bad Blepharoplasty and Browlift Surgery

Obviously, there is quite a bit of brouhaha about Kenny Rogers’ facial work. His alien appearance has clearly become the poster child for bad facial plastic surgery. If you are wondering what I see as far as his bad work is concerned, I can break it down into three obvious problems, each of which compounds the other and together make for a really artificial appearing look. His brows are clearly way higher than they should be. This is why I think brow-lifts fundamentally are flawed procedures, and I do not perform them any more. Second, the eyelids have been over hollowed out, i.e., all the skin and fat have been removed and now his upper eyelid shape appears scalloped out. Finally, his canthus (the area where the upper and lower eyelid meet on the outer side) has been shortened, blunted, and tucked upwards. Out of all these three things, I know that most people see the first two as the real problems. However, the canthal distortion in my opinion is truly what creates the most unsightly change to his face. With all three present, you have a trifecta of unnaturalness.

Kenny Rogers and Bad Plastic Surgery

How would I propose to fix this situation?  There is no easy answer.  However, I would consider adding fat back into the brows in order to correct all three problems.  First, fat would refill a hollowed out eyelid.  Second, by adding fat back into the upper eyelid and lower brow, the stark transition of a very high brow becomes less obvious.  Finally, fat transfer can be used to fill out farther beyond the canthus so that the eye once again looks longer and less rounded.  Although this is an imperfect procedure in a case like Kenny Rogers, it offers the best hope in correcting all three of his cosmetic problems.

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