An Introduction to My New Facial Plastic Surgery Blog

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Hi Everyone,
As many of my faithful blog readers know, I have written about 600 blogs on peace, love, health, and happiness. They have been an amazing part of my journey and they continue to be. I know that plastic surgery has as much to do with healing from the outside as it does healing from the inside, a process from which my patients have benefited. I simply could not keep up with the pace with writing these blogs so I slowed way down. I also found that after 600 blogs my message has become redundant so I am only publishing new blogs on the above topics when my fancy strikes me such as when I come across a new book or exciting concept or live through an experience I feel compelled to share. These blogs will remain archived and present for your perusal at any time and can be accessed through the link at the top of this blog.

At this point, I recognized that my voice on plastic surgery has almost been entirely disseminated through the medium of video. I have found it to be a natural extension of who I am to share my thoughts, philosophy, and strategy in a casual, unscripted fashion. I will continue to make those videos as I see the need to do so. However, I have noticed a deficiency on this Web site for written content regarding plastic surgery. I think it is an excellent visual Web site focused on before and after photographs and video experiences. However, I think the written content could be improved. Accordingly, I am embarking on a series of written blogs that share my updated, current thinking on various topics on facial cosmetic surgery. In many ways they are written companions to the video logs that I have published and reflect as well maturity of my thinking since the videos were shot that I did not want to go back and then reshoot a new version of those videos. Don’t worry; those videos are still very much the core of my philosophy and approach. I also think they will appeal to individuals who prefer to read my thoughts rather than listen to them. For instance, it will be easy to scan through important topics and search for sentences that you remembered hearing in a video format but wanted to explore that point more in-depth. Now you can in these written blogs.

I am also publishing a similar series on my hair-transplant Web site ( so you can imagine this task for 2011 will be daunting and time consuming. I will endeavor to do the best that I can and hopefully these written blogs will serve to provide a more complete experience on my Web site for what I can offer you as a surgeon and what you can expect as my prospective or even established patient.


Dr. Sam Lam
Dallas, Texas