3 Levels Of Botox Healing

I always say that if you forget everything I teach you about what Botox can do for you, remember one short phrase, “Botox heals”. I know that may sound counter to initial thoughts about what Botox does since it is deemed a “poison” or a “toxin”, but it is the truth. Having been on the cosmetic market now for close to 40 years, Botox I believe is not only safe if done by an experienced provider but also obviously with only FDA-approved products like Dysport and Botox. People always ask me, “What are the long-term consequences of Botox? Is Botox safe?” In fact, I was just asked this very question at a wedding I attended over the weekend in Las Vegas.

One year of Botox has led to better wrinkle reduction and skin texture.

The answer to me can be understood by dividing the healing effects of Botox into three levels that I have observed;

The first level of Botox healing occurs over the period of the first year with major wrinkle reduction.  Of course, it depends on how severe the wrinkles are to begin with.  Nevertheless, there should be major wrinkle improvement in individuals who receive regular Botox treatments by a quality provider.  Is that all though?  To me, no.

The second level of Botox healing occurs midway through the first year and into the second year where I start to see the texture of the skin begin to soften and become brighter and cleaner.  How is that possible?  In short, Botox I believe works on the smooth muscle that controls the texture of the skin if it is placed at the right depth.  Too often physicians believe that Botox must be injected deeply under the muscle (when you hear a popping noise) but this misses half of the benefit of the skin improvement and does not improve any of the results on the muscle.  I tend to see significant texture improvement with Botox over the second year of intervention.

Finally, the third level of Botox healing is structural.  I start to see the face look like it did 10 years ago from a perspective of structural damage after about 3 years of quality Botox injections.  Think of a car that has been driven 100,000 miles.  It just won’t run as well.  That is what happens to your face every time you smile, frown, and lift your eyebrows up.  However, unlike a car, the face can heal if it stops moving.  It is like taking the odometer on the car progressively backward.  As the skin continues to heal with quality Botox, I see the face get younger and younger from a structural level.  I witness this transformation recorded through accurate photographs that I maintain with my patients to help them see their progress with their Botox results over the years.  It takes in my opinion about 3 years before I see major structural improvement.  However, keep in mind that there is ongoing aging despite the positive effects of Botox such as volume loss, neck sagging, etc.  In summary, the long-term effects of Botox are profound and very positive.  Even someone who stops Botox after 1 or 2 years of consistent usage reap those benefits for years to come.  I see individuals who go through the first 2 to 3 years and who simply do not need Botox that frequently anymore to maintain their skin because their skin becomes incredibly healthy and healed.

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