Botox:  First Time is the Most Important Time

Many individuals who desire to have Botox get obsessed with the quick fix of how Botox looks during the 3 months or so that it is effective.  However, as many of my patients know, I try to emphasize the importance of long-term healing.  Specifically, I truly see the merits of how consistent Botox usage not only shuts down wrinkles but it literally heals the skin.  Without significant movement of the skin, the collagen becomes thicker and healthier and can look simply radiant.

Along those lines, when deciding when to do Botox I try to emphasize early intervention.  I use the analogy of exercise to have individuals understand this principle.  If one waits until he or she is completely out of shape, it takes much longer and much harder work to become fit again.  If someone is only mildly out of shape and starts a good exercise routine (and of course good diet), then it is far easier to become truly fit.  This principle applies to Botox.  When performing Botox therapy, it is important to start early before lines become entrenched so that they never become an issue, especially for very fair-skinned individuals who also tend to worship the sun.

2.5 Years of Botox shows incredible healing even with the after image shot 6 months after the last Botox dose.

If we follow this principle of early intervention, then Botox treatment should be consistent and of high quality during the early treatment phase (say for the first 1 to 2 years) then it can be less consistent thereafter because the skin is already healed and fit.  Therefore, I advocate that the first treatment of Botox that you will have during your lifetime is the most important one to have and each dose thereafter becomes progressively less important.  I try to encourage my patients to stay consistent during the first year (and for those with advanced lines for the first 2 years) then I help guide them toward lesser and lesser amounts and frequencies, as the skin continues to heal and requires less dosage and intervention.  In summary, your first treatment is the most important dose you will ever have, the second dose will be the second most important you will ever have, and so on.

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