Botox Personal Trainer:  Guiding You To Long-Term Success

As any of my patients can attest, I am very passionate about Botox and believe that it is one of the most important products to make the face as youthful and as bright as possible. In another blog article, I discussed how I believe Botox treatments can be likened to exercise at the gym. The more you do it, the healthier your skin becomes and the less you actually need it. To back up a step, think of your skin like a shirt. If your shirt is very wrinkled, it will take a while to unwrinkle it. The only thing that can stop a shirt from wrinkling is not wearing it, as ironing it will fail if you continue to wear the shirt. The same is true for your skin: if you are constantly moving your skin no amount of cream will succeed unless the skin is not constantly being creased. Unlike a shirt, if the skin does not move it will actually heal itself. Accordingly, I liken Botox treatments like exercise: the more you do it regularly the better the results and over time the less you will need it when your skin is well healed.

Long-Term Botox Photos (Major Wrinkle Reduction, Improved Skin Texture and Tone) – 2.5 Years of Botox Treatments

I take that analogy one step further and call myself a “Botox personal trainer.”  I help guide you on the intervals and dosing to get you the best results.  I truly believe that I can get skin looking younger, more wrinkle free, with better texture in ¼ the time that it takes to get those same results elsewhere.  The reason is a better injection method than what my colleagues use:  that is why I have people fly in for my Botox treatments.  In addition, I help my patients begin to scale back their intervals and their dosing when I see the skin start to heal magnificently. The two things that will get you fit in a gym are a good workout protocol and regular frequency.  The same holds true for Botox:  good skin healing requires a good injector and regular dosing.  For the first 1 to 2 years, regular dosing is very important especially if you are starting later in life when the wrinkles have already set into the skin.  Therefore, I establish a regular treatment interval for you, just like a personal trainer would ask that you set up your next appointment so that you do not forget.  I have had some patients who come back and ask me if they have returned on the recommended 3-month interval only to learn that it has already been 8 months that have transpired.  That is why I ask that you make your next appointment so that you do not forget to come for your scheduled next treatment.  Just like a personal trainer, I also establish metrics to demonstrate to you your progress because you oftentimes will forget where you started.  For fitness personal trainers, metrics would include body fat percentage, muscle mass, and resting heart rate; for Botox results I look at close up and regular distance photographs to see if the wrinkles have been substantially reduced, the texture improved, and the facial strain patterns diminished. I take these photographs when all of the Botox has faded and you are here for another round to prove to you the long-term benefits of Botox even when the product is gone.  I typically like to take the first set of interval photographs after one year of Botox treatments that I have performed.  It is especially convincing if you have had Botox done elsewhere to show you the difference in quality that you can attain with me in a much shorter amount of time.

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