Why People Fly in for Botox Almost Every Day

This may sound boastful, but I have people fly in from both Coasts almost every day for my Botox injections.  Why is that?  The simple reason is my passion for doing all that I do the best that I can do.  Many surgeons look at Botox as a waste of their time:  simply put they don’t make enough money on it or they look at it as boring.  However, if you are very passionate about helping someone, you can make your treatments significantly better than your colleagues so much so that someone would fly in for something as perceptually mundane as Botox.


As a story, I have a gentleman from New York who flies in for his Botox even though he can get it for free from his significant other.  When his friend who recommended him to see me asked, “Are you now going to go to the person you are dating to get Botox?”  He said, “No way, I only trust Dr. Lam.”  After having been to about 4 previous injectors that did not deliver any results, I was able to correct almost all his wrinkles in a very short time of about 9 months.

I always say the three things that distinguish my Botox are education, experience, and results.  Starting with education, I educate my patients about why they need Botox, how often they need it, and how can I get them to a maintenance dose and interval; I also adjust their dosing and intervals as I see their ongoing improvement. Regarding experience, anyone that has had my Botox and also tried someone else’s simply cannot go anywhere else because they cannot feel any of my needle injections even though I use no kind of numbing cream.  By making the experience entirely painless, I have even the most needle-phobic individuals coming to see me with regularity.  Finally, because I can undertake many more needle injections without pain I can achieve better short-term results as well as long-term outcomes.  In fact, I can get someone’s skin looking amazing typically within ¼ of the time that someone else takes to do it.

I remember a woman who was getting free Botox because she was a nurse in Chicago for over 5 years with really poor results.  Within 3 rounds (9 months) I had her skin looking better than it did after 5 years of someone else’s work.  Finally, I am assiduous in photographing and showing you the results of your Botox after a year of my work when all of the Botox has already faded but the skin healing has become fully evident.  Without metrics, you will not be able to remember how far you have come.

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