Adrian Brody versus Tom Cruise’s Nose:  Should They Have Rhinoplasty?

Adrian Brody and Tom Cruise both have pretty big noses, the former winning by a stadium length.  Would you perform rhinoplasty on either one of their noses to make them less big?  That is a matter of artistic understanding.  Some would argue that very large noses are masculine in appearance and should not be operated on.  Some might argue that only Adrian Brody’s is of significant size that would merit reduction.  Others might prefer a more refined nose for both actors, with a more conservative approach undertaken for Mr. Cruise.

In any case, I think the principle should be that the nose fit the face, the gender, and the desires of the patient.  In this case, I personally would operate on Adrian Brody’s and not on Tom Cruise’s nose.  If Mr. Cruise were a patient of mine and really wanted his nose reduced, I would be extremely careful to keep a very high bridge and maybe only slightly modify the hump on the nose since I think these attributes are more masculine features that fit his charismatic personality.

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