Megan Fox’s Lips

In general, I am not opposed to a more aggressive policy with lip augmentation for women in their late teenage to early twenties.  A full set of lips can actually look natural in this narrow window of time.  However, even by the late twenties when the face is slimmer, very full lips can look artificial.

Megan Fox’s Lip Augmentation

That is why I prefer to use only temporary fillers like Restylane and Juvederm for lip augmentation in very young women.  Also, it helps to ensure that when the lips age that things will age gracefully and naturally.  Even though this is the case, looking at Megan Fox’s lips, I would say that the after results are still too much for my taste.  Despite following these principles of lip and face aging I have expressed, taste and artistry still take precedence when working on a person.  I think the shapeless over exaggeration in this case is not ideal in my opinion.

Understanding age appropriate lips and how to achieve good-looking shape that also fit a person’s face are keys to working on an individual for lip enhancement.  Unfortunately, I wind up performing more lip corrections on other’s physicians’ work than I perform natural lip augmentation.  Sad statement about lack of judgment today.

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