Unfortunately, celebrities seem to be victims of shysters and crooks.  As far as what I have heard, Priscilla Presley had silicone injected into her face by an unlicensed individual leaving her permanently scarred.  As you can see in this photo, her cheeks were made way too large, whereas her upper and lower face was left relatively untouched (except for the bad lip work of course).  The problem with this is that she already looks unnatural and will continue to look even more unnatural as she ages.  The reason she looks unnatural now is that the cheeks are too full for her age and they stand out because they are not blended in with the rest of the face.  As she ages, this situation gets even worse because the rest of the face continues to lose fat and soft tissue whereas the cheeks will remain the same size making her face even more disproportionate.  The best solution for her would be to have fat transferred into the brow and upper face and into the buccal zone and lower face so that the face can look more balanced since silicone really is impossible to remove.  I recently saw a lady from New York who suffered the same problem with fat grafting, too much of which was placed into the cheek area and nowhere else, in order to correct acne scars of all things.  Ouch!  I used Restylane to sculpt her brows, temples, buccal area, and chin to make the cheeks look less chipmunk like and to make her face more balanced.

Priscilla Presley and Bad Silicone

Silicone has had a bad rap in the media because most people think that it is unsafe.  In the quantities used for Priscilla Presley I would definitely agree.  By performing only small amounts in discreet areas of the face like the lips slowly with repeated small injections, the silicone should not lump up or age poorly as you see in this case.  I use silicone all the time for lip enhancement procedures but in select patients with proper technique and in very small, subtle amounts.  This case clearly is one of poor judgment and frankly was illegal, as the provider was unlicensed to perform the procedure.

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