Trusting My Expertise in Facial Plastic Surgery

I was giving a lecture a few years ago in Hilton Head when the surgeon before me who is about 30 years older than I am said, “Give a patient what they want not what they need.” I went on stage right after him and said, “I give a patient what they need not what they want.” What the other surgeon meant by this is that if you do something that you want to do and the patient does not like it, she may be angry at you for doing something you wanted and she didn’t. However, I believe that my expertise in this field allows me to create beautiful changes in your face in ways that you simply could not even imagine.

Dr. Sam Lam, Dallas Plastic Surgeon

I use the example of a shoe salesperson. If you want a type of shoe, and the salesperson says that it will hurt your feet, you should probably trust him because that is all he does all day. He lives, breathes, eats, and sleeps shoes. I do the same with faces. An example is a lady that I just saw two days ago who had recently moved from Los Angeles. She had googled cheek augmentation and found me and came to my office wanting more cheeks. All I could see were these very unnatural full cheeks and sunken eyes and chin. I rebuilt her entire face except the cheeks with fillers and now her face is completely balanced and natural. She looks amazing. If I had listened to her, I would have made her look even more unnatural and not rejuvenated but I chose to help her see what I saw, which she could only appreciate when I was done with it. Am I taking a risk? Sure, but it is worth it because I truly know what will help your face oftentimes more than even you do because all I do is live, breath, eat, and sleep the face.

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