Breaking down the Cheek into Aesthetic Subunits: Avoiding Chipmunk Cheeks

There is nothing uglier than big, chipmunk cheeks other than perhaps a devil looking arched brow or a duck-like lip.  How do you avoid this problem?  Should one not fill the cheeks at all then?  The answer is no since the cheek is one of the most important areas to fill to make an individual look much more youthful.  The answer is understanding that filling the cheek requires one to fill all the areas around the cheek as well so that it does not stand out like a weird, unnatural entity.

A few days ago a patient of mine who was starting to model for the first time in her 50s I think due to what I was able to do for her face with fillers said her new boyfriend warned her not to do any fillers because she would look unnatural like her friend.  However, little did he know she has had probably 25 syringes of fillers so far but he could not tell because I applied them not just to the cheek but to every little nook and cranny of the face to create a seamless, balanced, and natural result.

In order to create a balanced cheek result, one must understand all of the subcomponents of the cheek starting with the famed anterior cheek, where everyone tends to overfill it.  The lateral cheek to me is critical since it covers the cheekbone and allows the anterior cheek to blend seamlessly laterally.  Below the zygomatic arch near the ear the sunken concavity must be filled to create a better result. Further down below the cheek, I fill various parts of the buccal area (the area where you suck your cheeks inward) and subdivide this area to the central region, the region further back near the ear and the medial part near the mouth where it becomes hollower with more advanced aging.  My medical assistants are so adept at seeing these facial hollows that they are always helping me look for these transitions to create the best and most natural results.

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