Exploring the Recovery Period after Plastic Surgery:  The Concept of Personal Time

Many times during a recovery following plastic surgery we imbue that time with heavily negative connotations.  We reflect on everything that we could otherwise be doing. We think about the lost wages or time away from work.  We contemplate the time that we are away from social events that we would rather be attending.  We focus on the discomfort, swelling, or change in identity due to swelling that make us depressed.  Obviously, recovery of any kind whether following cosmetic enhancement procedures or otherwise can be a negative life event.  However, this blog article tries to turn that idea on its head and encourage one to see that time as possibly positive.

Fat Graft Recovery

The concept of “personal time” is what I would like to stress here.  Sometimes we are so busy with our lives that we simply cannot even think straight.  We are filled with stress with our daily life events and feel compelled to plough forward through our travails.  Accordingly, a short respite from our daily toils maybe a welcome relief.  During this time I encourage all of my patients to reflect on your life’s values and goals and maybe outline where you want to be in the next five years.  Possibly how your cosmetic procedure may help you get there.  I have videos in the postoperative video companions section that also help you achieve greater peace through meditation exercises.  These spirit-centered activities could possibly help you deal with life better in the future.  Finally, maybe things you could do that week that you never had time to do could be undertaken like start to learn a new language using Rosetta Stone, read a book that you just did not have time to get to, or host of other activities that would not otherwise cause stress to your body and face during the healing phase.  Look at your healing time as your “healing time”, i.e., a time to heal your body, mind, and spirit.

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