The Outer Face:  Converting Double Concavities into Convexities

The one thing that I cannot stand is seeing a face that appears disjointed, i.e., part of the face has been over augmented relative to another.  Perhaps the two biggest problem areas that I see are the lips and the cheeks.  In fact, I have come up with the title, “Lip an Cheek Syndrome” for these malformed faces that I oftentimes see on the streets and in my conferences.  The isolated augmentation of the cheek in particular is a misunderstanding of how to enhance a face naturally.  I have come to truly see that many parts of the face must blend into the cheek to make it look natural and attractive.  In 2011, I was very focused on the buccal area (the area where if you suck in your cheeks you see it go inward, or the area just below the central anterior cheek.)  A carefully augmented buccal area can help make a face look considerably more youthful and attractive and it helps to blend the face.

This year I have been obsessed with the temple and “subzygomatic” area, which are two concavities above and below the zygomatic or cheek arch.  You can see these concavities from the frontal view, which is the most important view because that is how you see another individual when you look at him or her.  Many times, individuals believe that these concavities do not have major impact on the face’s youthfulness and attractiveness but they are very wrong.  They make a major impact on how the face appears and allows one to truly look youthful, bright and attractive.  It affects the soul of the subconscious and allows one to see that the face is beautiful.  It acts as an outside frame, if you will, and it has become a major if not the major obsession in my work this past year.  By filling in these shadow I am able to create a smooth oval arc for the face that is simply very attractive.  Using new improved microcannulas, I have been able to sculpt the face with considerable accuracy and finesse.  I have particularly liked using Bellafill(Artefill) facial fillers and Juvederm fillers to do the trick.  As with all things, subtlety is what provides the brilliant result and differentiates it from an ugly, unattractive one.

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