Type 1 and Type 2 Eyelids

One of my colleagues came up with the distinction between two types of youthful eyelids.  Type 1 is a very full upper eyelid that hangs almost over the eyeball itself (not quite).  Type 2 eyelid is an eyelid that is much hollower but at the same time still distinguishes itself from an older eyelid in that the orbital bony rim is still covered with a rim of soft tissue over it.  In general, Type 1 eyelids are more sensuous, feminine and more youthful but they are not omnipresent.  When working with an individual who is starting to age, it is important to go back to one’s old photographs to determine to what extent a person has a Type 1 or a Type 2 eyelid so that the surgeon can preserve and enhance one’s youth without changing one’s identity.  That being said, if one desires to have more of a Type 1 eyelid even though one started with a Type 2 appearance, it can be easily done without truly making someone look radically different.  With the long expanse of intervening years from aging, one can have a Type 1 eyelid even if one had a Type 2 eyelid without major, negative consequence.

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