Pillow Faces Can Look Weird and Bad

Recently, I had a lady who at the age of 57 started modeling for the first time in her life thanks in large part to the syringes I have put into her face to make her look better.  Her new boyfriend remarked that she looked better than she had when he saw her 7 years ago and was so attracted that they were now going out together.  However, he admonished her never to get any facial fillers like the modeling agency owner because that person looked artificial.  Little did he know that she probably had 10 times more injectable facial fillers than her modeling agency owner friend.  How can so many syringes look absolutely natural and not overfilled whereas a few syringes look dreadful?

The answer lies in the artistic distribution of the product.  Unfortunately, I see too often the two areas where product is placed are the central, anterior cheek and the lips.  These areas are very unforgiving and they look very unnatural especially in a face that is volume depleted elsewhere.  It is so important that temperance be executed when filling these two facial zones.  The trick of filling a face naturally and beautifully is to fill other areas of the face so that the face actually looks good.  Balance and restraint is the key.  However, to make a face that is over 50 years of age to truly look amazing requires enough syringes placed all over the face rather than too much in just one area.

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