Use of Microcannulas: A Revolution in My Practice Using Fillers

Many of my patients who have been with me for many years have witnessed the revolution in techniques that I have developed for injectable fillers.  Early on I started with rudimentary needle injections.  I then progressed to larger cannulas that I adapted from fat grafting and that required regional nerve blocks so that there would not be discomfort.  However, this led to more swelling and also was not as precise since the block would limit my ability to read the face.  I then switched back over to needles using a “depot” method in which the product was carefully placed as a bleb then massaged into place so that there would be less bruising and swelling.

Microcannulas have revolutionized my practice in the injection of facial cosmetic fillers/injectables

Since November of 2010, I started to use small French microcannulas that have literally changed my entire practice of filler injections.  When I initially reviewed the training video I was disgusted to see how much discomfort was being caused by the injector.  I hate patient discomfort so I modified the technique with minimal discomfort and no blocks.  I now can get up right into the tear trough without the significant risk of bruising when I used needles and with much greater accuracy (without the need for regional nerve blocks) than when I used larger cannulas.

Over the past 8 months, I have truly created new and better ways to do advanced injections including initially injecting the temples with these cannulas starting in March of this year followed by techniques for filling brows (which almost no patient understands why I want to do this but is typically followed by an “Oh my God, I look good” exclamation as soon as I do it.)  Then in the past two months I have started using Japanese microcannulas that allow me to pass the much thicker Bellafill(Artefill) product exactly as I have done for Restylane, as mentioned above.  I am very happy to report my patient satisfaction has shot through the roof, along with my own satisfaction of the results.

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