Nicole Kidman’s Lips: The Non-Disappearing Lip

Celebrities all are subject to bad plastic surgery like the rest of us. They just so happen to have their mugs plastered across magazines and television appearances, making their mistakes ever so more glaring. Nicole Kidman’s lips are no exception to this problem.

Nicole Kidman’s Fake Lips

The overly enlarged upper lip and the shapelessness of it resembling a bloated sausage are definitely hallmarks of bad lip enhancement work.  However, these unaesthetic attributes that are present when the lip is in repose are also present when the lip is fully smiling.  Normal lips tend to flatten out and at times almost disappear when one smiles.  However, her lips remain round when smiling which is a dead giveaway product was overfilled in the upper lip.  I have had numerous patients come asking for fillers because their upper lip disappears when they smile.  I use Nicole Kidman’s lips as an example that in fact one’s lips should almost disappear when smiling otherwise this can be a sign of unnaturalness.

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