Knowing Yourself and Your Plastic Surgeon:  Clasping Your Hands and Determining If You Are Right-Brained or Left-Brained

My Allergan business-development representative conducted a wonderful leadership seminar in my office that gave my staff a rousing and thoughtful view on leadership.  A fun exercise that we did was to clasp our fingers together like in prayer taking care to note whether our right or left thumb sat naturally over the other. In my case my left thumb sat over my right thumb, which reportedly indicates that my right brain is more dominant, signifying artistry and creativity.

As I have emphasized in other blogs, I believe that an artistic temperament and overall sensibility must be a defining element to an aesthetic surgeon.  Too often I see work that is plain ugly because the surgeon was technically gifted but lacked a sense of taste.  When the work is shaped poorly and designed hideously, it does not matter how good the physician is because the result is ugly.  Failing to see the overall design of the result is one of the biggest mistakes that a surgeon can commit since a part of the face may look somewhat better but when it does not match the integrity of the entire face the result is off kilter.  Balance, discretion, and decorum all are important elements to the composite result.

Clasping Your Hands and Determining If You Are Right-Brained or Left-Brained

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