Saving A Friend:  When Maybe You Should Tell Someone You Had Plastic Surgery

I had a patient of mine in whom I had done facial fillers and Botox treatments over a period of two years.  In a word, she looked fabulous.  At 47 years of age she looked like she was in her mid-30s.  One day she was passing through the Transport Security Administration (TSA) at the airport and the TSA agent asked if her best high school friend (the same age as she) was her mother.  Of course, she was elated and her friend was broken down.  I asked her, “Did you bother to tell your friend that you had some minor procedures performed by me?”  She said, “No.”  I then said, “How do you think she felt?”  Even if you want to keep things private, there maybe rare times when  you can share that information with someone else so that they would benefit from those same services and not feel bad about the way they look.

Old Woman/Young Woman

I had a younger patient in her late 30s in whom I had done a chemical peel, fat grafting, and occasional Botox for her.  Several years after her major procedures, her sister-in-law in Atlanta was really upset about the way she was looking as she was the same age as my patient.  She had signed up for a browlift with a local surgeon.  I asked my patient whether she had told her friend about me.  She said no that she hadn’t.  I said, “So you are going to let your sister-in-law go to someone to do a procedure that I think is absolutely dreadful instead of sharing with her what you had done?”  She rethought that and eventually told her sister-in-law about me.  Again, sometimes a little disclosure may be in order when there is someone you care for that would benefit from that information.

Finally, several years ago I had a nurse who had fat transfer from me and was about a year out.  Her fellow nursing colleague asked her where she had gone because she looked so good.  She said that she had come to me.  Unfortunately, her friend went elsewhere and was miserable with her results.  She asked, “Why do you look so good, and I look terrible?” My patient did not have much to say in response.  Sadly, this time sharing with a friend did not lead to a good outcome.

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