The Plastic Surgery Trifecta:  Education, Experience, and Results

Many times my patients say that all they care about are the results.  However, although I agree that results are king, everything else matters too.  First, education is the cornerstone to every consultation and even every postoperative visit that I make with a patient.  If I do not help educate you on why are you doing what you are doing, you may choose the wrong procedure or at least not know what procedures could help you.  If you just want your smile lines done, and I do them well for you with great results but that was really not the problem but your hollow eyes were then did I really help you?  Education truly is the first step in building trust, creating an effective strategy, and thereby to get results.

Plastic Surgery – Education, Experience and Results

I really believe that experience is the second most important item on the agenda.  If you have a really unpleasant experience with me, i.e., rude staff and painful injections, then you will be hesitant to return.  That is why for me the experience is critical.  I would like you really to enjoy coming back to my office for the warm hospitality but also for the favorable experience you have in my office or surgery center.  This is especially true for procedures that must be repeated like Botox injections or fillers.  If I make your experience completely or nearly completely painless, you will be more inclined to return.  Better education, experience, and results are truly the trifecta in excellent plastic surgery.

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