Dallas facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Sam Lam is scheduled to be one of the faculty members at the upcoming European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery Congress in Norway, commonly referred to as “THE FACE”.  The international conference is being organized by the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery and will be held on August 28th – September 1st in Oslo.

Dr. Lam will not only be a speaker at the event, but is also scheduled to be a member of the conference’s programming committee.  The goal of The European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery Congress is to bring together medical professionals in the fields of facial plastic surgery, reconstructive plastic surgery and plastic surgery from around the world, providing educational, social and networking opportunities for all participants throughout the multi-day event.

During THE FACE, Dr. Sam Lam will be asked to share his expertise related to both the field of facial cosmetic surgery, as well as the closely related field of hair restoration.  Emphasis on this year’s conference, the 36th of its kind, is focused on how to keep patients looking as young as possible.  The event will place a major emphasis on techniques and procedures related to the skin and skull base, most notably focusing on how to keep skin looking younger through the use of peels, fillers and immunotoxins, as well as through various plastic surgery techniques.

In addition to hosting various speakers who are considered to be experts in their fields from around the world, the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery Congress will offer participants the opportunity to engage in technique workshops, view live surgery demonstrations and attend specialist courses.  Dr. Lam is looking forward to participating in this international conference, not only as an educator, but as a participant that can share ideas and learn from his colleagues from around the world.

Dr. Samuel Lam performs many of the procedures and utilizes many of the techniques in his facial plastic surgery and hair restoration surgery practices that are scheduled to be covered during the conference in Oslo, Norway.  It is through his participation in conferences such as these that he strives to maintain his position as one of the leaders in his field.  Dr. Lam is a proponent of continuing education and believes that by constantly staying up to date on the latest products, techniques and procedures, as well as sharing ideas and philosophies with his peers, he positions himself to be continually educated on the latest advancements in his field.

This dedication to education and the continual acquisition of knowledge has been a hallmark of Dr. Lam’s career.  It is also the reason why Dr. Lam is often asked to speak at conferences, symposiums and other events around the world each year.  To date, the Dallas facial plastic surgeon and hair restoration specialist has spoken at well over one hundred events globally.  He has also written over 150 scientific articles, has authored five major medical textbooks and has contributed his expertise to chapters in a number of other books.

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