voluma evolence Resylane Lyft  restylane sub-q sq in dallas texas

New fillers are coming out in the coming months to year. At this time with early reports about Evolence, I am not thrilled to use it. I listened to a lecture last year in St. Louis about the product. It is made in Israel and it is from pig collagen. The physician reported that it was kosher (kosher pig??? don’t know if that is a joke.) I hear that if you don’t shape it right within one minute, you can’t fix it until it goes away. That is bizarre. If that is true, I do not see my using the product, not to mention I don’t like using animal products if at all possible. None of my major fillers that I use now are from animals.

Voluma from Corneal and to be marketed through Allergan (I believe) and Restylane SQ (proncouned Restylane Sub-Q) should be thicker versions of hyaluronic acid (i.e., Restylane and Juvederm) to be used for deeper volume fills. I am currently very happy with Resylane Lyft so I don’t know if these products will offer that much more. We’ll see.