OVA, my new Skin Care Line


I launched my new skin care line earlier this year entitled, OVA; and it has been nothing short of revolutionary both for my patients and for those who have purchased it elsewhere.  I had some cast members of True Blood who heard about this miracle product and have been using it with great success as well as the model Chandra North who says it is the foundation for her beauty regimen.  These celebrities were unpaid to say those things, which in this day and age is pretty rare!

I started making this product with the intention of making the best single product out there that money could buy but still making it reasonably priced, especially considering the expense of the raw ingredients.  When I mean single product I mean one product in the morning and one product at night.  That’s it except for an amazing cleanser. Many women feel naked without 6 products on their face but in our clinical skin analyses with advanced infrared imaging we have found that our single product blows away many products combined, even the very expensive ones that people swear by.

The real power came last year when my mother, Carol, suggested the addition of plant stem cells into the product, argan for morning and swiss apple for night time.  It literally transformed the product.  I could see a major difference in this final formulation that I had not seen in the earlier stages of product development.  Having tried so many products over my lifetime, this key change tipped the product over into the stratosphere.  The product helps with wrinkles, texture, tone, uneven color (even better than hydroquinone in 6 week comparison studies), pores, and generalized aging.  You can typically see changes even after a few days of using it.  I am also proud to say that 5% goes to Off the Mat, a charity that currently is working to stop underage sex slavery in India.  I hope you are able to try this product and experience what I am very proud of. Watch the introductory video here.

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