Notched Noses: How To Fix Them Without Rhinoplasty

For me one of the biggest telltale signs a nose underwent previous rhinoplasty is the nostril is notched like an upside V-shape rather than a gentle upside U-shape. This notching that occurs after previous aggressive rhinoplasty may remain unaware to the individual that it is unnatural but not to me. I oftentimes point it out to someone so that they can see what I see. In the past I have tried using composite grafts of cartilage and skin taken from the ear to reduce the notching but with variable success and with the risk of the graft encroaching on the airway for breathing.  I have now turned to injectable fillers to correct this condition, or at least to improve it, with more consistent success, relative inexpensiveness, ease, and safety.  I prefer Bellafill(Artefill), a permanent filler, to correct this problem, but I have successfully used silicone, Restylane, and other products to ameliorate this condition as well.

Corrective rhinoplasty for notched nostrils with silicone micro

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