African-American Lip Reduction Testimonial

This very kind African-American woman who underwent a lip reduction about 7 months ago started to cry and express how much her life has changed since her lip reduction.  She then presented me with the following testimonial regarding her experience and results with us:

“I was born with a very large lower lip and always wished that I could have something done to make it smaller, but because plastic surgery is not something that was looked upon as something that you do; you just did not alter your appearance, so I never even considered it. So many times I did not pursue my dreams because of how I felt about myself. Then One day while in a waiting room, I saw the advertisement for Dr. Lam’s plastic surgery. The article talked about his credentials, experience and the procedures he performs; then I saw lip reduction, and became very excited and curious. So, I called his office and spoke with someone on his staff; she was very knowledgeable about the procedure and reassured me that Dr. Lam was competent (he even invented a way to numb the area without having to put you to sleep). It still took me a couple of years before I actually had the procedure done, but I am now so glad to tell you that he did a great job on my lip. The procedure was painless, however because of the lip being so large the recovery lasted a little longer than normal. I had a lot of swelling about three days after the surgery, but after a conversation with Dr. Lam on the phone, I was reassured that this was normal considering the size of the reduction. Some days I did not think that it was going to every get well, But Dr. Lam and his staff followed my progress to make sure that the results were exactly what we had envisioned. It has been six months now and my life has been changed; I now have the confidence to go after opportunities that I would have let pass me by six months ago.”

-L.A., Dallas, Texas

African-American Lip Reduction