If doctors were required to practice the way you do and have the dedication, knowledge and insight that you do this would be a better world. After all there is only one Dr Lam and boy am I glad to have found you. My main goal Dr Lam is for the patients that have bad results from other surgeons just to let them know that there is hope . I really would want you to be able to see what a phenomenal job you did. If this is not close to perfection I don’t know what is. It actually has been looking even better within the last week. My family are all so happy for me. Last night was my
first night back to work since I came to Dallas. I felt such a difference. I found I was more talkative and I really felt more confident. Before I was so conscious of the uneven-ness I would avoid close interactions with others. This is a part of how you helped me Dr Lam that I didn’t even think about. I was focused on correcting the lip not really thinking about how much more confident it would make me feel.

S.M., New Jersey