Your words invoked by your thoughtful heart are what makes you who you are and that is why I have such high regard for you as a person and professional. You will always be one of my favorite stories to share of dedication, compassion and honor to medicine. Thank you for taking the moments to share with me such a valuable confidence and faith you have. My face has really started showing such remarkable results to others. I am stopped daily by people I am in contact with who share their observation of how peaceful and well I look. Thanks to you and God for this feeling of satisfaction and serenity about my looks and contentment. Also, here is the letter I spoke with you about that I sent my friend concerning you. She suggested that I give you a copy: To date, this Doctor, has been the most comprehensive, sincere and thorough in patient preop counseling, postop follow up and in fact provided you his cell phone to access him personally 24 hours a day. Impressive. The result and experience for me have been both emotionally supportive and the lack of pain, swelling, and bruising phenomenal. I had a 4 1/2 hour procedure and had no bruising. I hope I don’t sound “soppy” but the Doctor deserves all the credit I can possibly give.