Dear Sam,

As a years have rolled by, the man in the mirror had seemed to age more rapidly and less gracefully than I had hoped. I still felt young, active and maybe a bit adventuresome, but the droopy eyes, wrinkles and hollow face did not reflect that. I earnestly wanted to look more like the mental image I had of myself.

One of my greatest concerns before my surgery was that I might be giving a wrong impression of being tired, inattentive or even bored while speaking with friends, family members or patients. (The sagging skin on my eyelids made me look like all of the above most days!) That really bothered me because I never wanted anyone to think I had a haughty attitude or what they had to say was unimportant to me.

With these issues I landed in your office, not at all sure that there was a solution for me that did not involve changing my identity or doing something really radical. I need not have worried. You seem to have understood my concerns better than I did. Your solution addressed all these needs better than I was able to express them.

My recovery has been smooth, just as you predicted. I still look like myself, only better. With the blepharoplasty you fixed the tired look in my eyes and made them appear refreshed. The fat transfer gave me the masculine, well-defined jaw line I always wanted. I am very pleased with the great result.

God gave you a keen intellect and artistic talent. You have sharpened these with years of training and applied them with genuine interest in every patient. Somehow we enter your office as patients but leave feeling as if we had just visited a friend or relative who cares about us deeply.

Deepest thanks again to you and your wonderful staff for their professionalism and compassion.

M. from Arkansas