Dear Dr. Lam,

My parents have taught me since I was very young that the purpose of our lives is to serve God and people with a heart of love, humility, and excellence. I want to thank you for demonstrating this so beautifully to me over the past several weeks.

It was obvious during our first visit that you were genuinely interested in giving me the best care possible. You explained everything thoroughly. You gave me a gentle hug at the end of our meeting and it warmed my heart.

Thank you so much for the gift of breathing normally. It was the first thing I noticed when I woke up after my surgery and it just keeps getting better every day. Also, I love my nose! It looks even better than before I had my accident. Just as you promised, there was little swelling or bruising. My friends didn’t even notice I had surgery. My incision is not the least bit noticeable.

My mother has kept a special folder in her filing cabinet for years entitled, M.’s Greatest Accomplishments. One day she shared its contents with me, and in it were letters of appreciation from my father’s patients from past years. These patients expressed their thankfulness for his kindness, genuine concern, and his special efforts to minimize their pain. I consider these treasures to be my legacy. Dr. Lam, you are also amazingly wonderful in this respect. I hope you place this letter in your own personal file of Greatest Accomplishments so that one day when they are read by your loved ones, they too will be blessed and proud to have known what a tremendous impact you have had on the lives of others, especially a 16-year-old girl from Arkansas.

Your Friend,

Dr. Lam,

As a physician myself, I am aware that serious situations can often become routine for us. With my daughter’s recent rhinoplasty, I was once more reminded of how anxiety producing such an occasion can be, especially for the mom and dad of the girl going under the knife. It was your professionalism both in your clinical skills and kind manner that made the whole experience much more pleasant for all of us.

By the time we first arrived in your office, I was certain you held the credentials needed to be my daughter’s surgeon. We soon discovered that our expectations would be exceeded at every turn.

Your office staff has certainly done their part well. At every interaction, they have given us individual attention and accurate, timely information. We continue to sense a genuine concern, which they obviously have for the patients in your practice. As in everything else you do, you have surrounded yourself with quality.

My daughter’s recovery has been remarkable. The lack of pain, the beautiful result, and the speedy return to routine activities all this has amazed us. It is a testimony to your learning, experience, skill, artistic talent, and commitment to excellence. Furthermore, you have left us feeling that we are more friends than clients.

As those you have been benefited, we remain grateful you chose to use your talents to help your fellow man.